Fiat Stilo IAW6JF Content about different Ecu programmers introduce and reviews, How to use the Ecu chip tuning tool, The software installation and download 0D NG Denso CAN Volvo V60/S60/S80 140/170hp HP2 CAN Volvo V60/S60/S80 140/170hp HN2 CAN Volvo V60/S60/S80 140/170hp LE2 500Kbps CAN Volvo V60/S60/S80 140/170hp CAN Volvo V50/S40/V40 2006. Basically looking to find out how high the boost to fuel map goes so I can manually increase boost a bit as an interim. Secondly, and onto actually remapping rather that piggyback tuning box. I read conflicting opinions on how the ecu can actually be remapped. I believe the denso ecu used in these has a 76f0040 chip so flashing is doable now. Toyota Flasher, a joint project by Autokey and PCMflash, is a multipurpose programmer for Denso and Fujitsu Ten ECUs with NEC processors installed in TOYOTA, LEXUS and SCION vehicles with petrol and diesel engines through JTAG interface. OBD writing via CAN bus is supported. It is a unique solution in the chip tuning world.

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